Fita Azul - A celebrar emoções desde 1934. Conheça os espumantes e descubra o seu!
O Fita Azul é um dos Espumantes nacionais mais conhecidos. Com o objectivo de responder às crescentes exigências do mercado, a Borges juntou-se a parceiros de excelência para realizar profundos estudos sobre o consumo de espumantes, o perfil dos consumidores e os momentos de consumo. Como resultado surge um novo Fita Azul - uma marca que agrega a tradição e o saber-fazer desde 1934 com a capacidade de inovar que os tempos de hoje exigem.

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How to open a bottle of sparkling wine

Finally, at the end of the painstaking production process, comes the time to open the bottle and enjoy the sparkling wine. To maximise your enjoyment, we have a few tips on the best way to open your Fita Azul.

Use the tear-off strip to remove just the upper part of the foil wrap. The rest of the wrap should remain on the bottle.
Pour the Fita Azul into a flute, keeping this at an angle. If you pour just a little wine into the glass, stop and then resume pouring to fill the glass, the result will be less froth and you will find you can serve everyone more quickly.
Hold the bottle at a 45° angle. Place your thumb over the top of the cork and untwist the protective metal cage. Carefully remove your thumb and the cage.
Hold the flute by the stem or the base, so that your hand does not heat up the sparkling wine.
Once the cage is off, hold the bottle of Fita Azul in one hand and grasp the cork in the other. The hand holding the cork should not move. Turn the hand holding the bottle (which should remain at 45° to avoid spillage) and gently remove the cork.
Taste the Fita Azul before offering it to your guests, to make sure that you are serving it in the right condition.

Doing it this way means your Fita Azul is now ready to celebrate emotions.