Fita Azul - A celebrar emoções desde 1934. Conheça os espumantes e descubra o seu!
O Fita Azul é um dos Espumantes nacionais mais conhecidos. Com o objectivo de responder às crescentes exigências do mercado, a Borges juntou-se a parceiros de excelência para realizar profundos estudos sobre o consumo de espumantes, o perfil dos consumidores e os momentos de consumo. Como resultado surge um novo Fita Azul - uma marca que agrega a tradição e o saber-fazer desde 1934 com a capacidade de inovar que os tempos de hoje exigem.

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Since it was first created in 1934, the Fita Azul brand has been a firm fixture at celebrations across a number of generations.
For many years now, the focus on the quality of the wines and the investment in the brand have resulted in an important association with iconic figures – such as the noted actor António Silva - and wide-ranging consumer acceptance.
Understanding that consumer tastes and needs can change, Sociedade dos Vinhos Borges undertook an in-depth study of the consumption of sparkling wine, consumer profiles and consumption moments.
This work led to the emergence of a new Fita Azul, one that offers consumers six sub-brands - Fita Azul Exclusive, Fita Azul Attitude, Fita Azul Celebration (dry, semi-dry and sweet), Fita Azul Intense, Fita Azul Passion and Fita Azul Woman – each with its own style and identity, tailored to the particular person and the given moment.
With its links to celebratory moments, the Fita Azul brand has been designed to offer consumers what they want at each of life’s key milestones. A brand that melds tradition and expertise stretching back to 1934 with the innovative drive required in current times. A brand that knows how to Celebrate Emotions.