Fita Azul - A celebrar emoções desde 1934. Conheça os espumantes e descubra o seu!
O Fita Azul é um dos Espumantes nacionais mais conhecidos. Com o objectivo de responder às crescentes exigências do mercado, a Borges juntou-se a parceiros de excelência para realizar profundos estudos sobre o consumo de espumantes, o perfil dos consumidores e os momentos de consumo. Como resultado surge um novo Fita Azul - uma marca que agrega a tradição e o saber-fazer desde 1934 com a capacidade de inovar que os tempos de hoje exigem.

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October 2013

Innovation on the female side

Women’s knowledge of wine has grown exponentially in recent times. There are increasing numbers of women in the wine business, working in both production and distribution. International competitions are being held to select wines that match women’s tastes. There are also growing numbers of women who are prepared to recommend, that is, to join the ranks of wine trendsetters.
Various statistical studies have also revealed that, all over the world, women are the main deciders when it comes to shopping. In the USA, women are thought to account for 85% of all consumer purchases, across the business spectrum (from cars to health care). In terms of the wine market, American women dictate the choice of 8 out of every 10 bottles bought in the USA for home consumption. In the UK, six out of ten women say they drink wine at least once a week.
The challenge for producers is, therefore, a huge one. With business management practices that have, for centuries, focused on male tastes, producers now find themselves adapting to female consumption profiles.
The differences between male and female preferences may not be all that great. There are, of course, many different types of female wine drinkers. Would it be possible, though, to detect a common consumption pattern for women? This was the challenge that the launch of Fita Azul Woman was designed to meet. Borges carried out numerous studies to help it build up a complete picture of sparkling wine consumers. This resulted in Woman, which embodies the characteristics found to be most appealing to women. It is an elegant, light and aromatic sparkling wine, offering a sweetness that is balanced and not at all sickly.
Fita Azul Woman is most definitely a Portuguese innovation, being the first sparkling wine in the world produced specifically for women. In a recent study, carried out by the IPAM Marketing Laboratory, around 80% of respondents who tasted the wine said that they thought it was better suited to the female, rather than male, consumption profile. If you don’t believe it, you really should just try it!