Fita Azul - A celebrar emoções desde 1934. Conheça os espumantes e descubra o seu!
O Fita Azul é um dos Espumantes nacionais mais conhecidos. Com o objectivo de responder às crescentes exigências do mercado, a Borges juntou-se a parceiros de excelência para realizar profundos estudos sobre o consumo de espumantes, o perfil dos consumidores e os momentos de consumo. Como resultado surge um novo Fita Azul - uma marca que agrega a tradição e o saber-fazer desde 1934 com a capacidade de inovar que os tempos de hoje exigem.

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Fita Azul Exclusive

The Fita Azul Exclusive was distinguished “Seal of Approval” in the AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge 2014 contest which took place in Aus...

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New Fita Azul Campaign

Celebrate Emotions

The new Fita Azul campaign is aimed at a younger target public, a group with whom we want to reaffirm the brand’s values of joy, passion, character, glamo...

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Celebrating since 1934

Fita Azul - celebrating emotions since 1934

People all over the world are attracted by the glamour of sparkling wine, appreciating its delicacy and elegance. It is said that it was first made in France by Dom...

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Innovation on the female side

Women’s knowledge of wine has grown exponentially in recent times. There are increasing numbers of women in the wine business, working in both production ...

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Fita Azul winning awards

Fita Azul sparkling wines recognised in international competitions

The semi-dry Fita Azul Celebration won the Seal of Approval” at “Japan Wine Challenge 2013”, one of Asia’s most prestigious ...

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Mother’s Day

The perfect sparkling wine for the perfect mother

On Mother’s Day, all mothers deserve to receive something special, and perhaps slightly unexpected.  Borges would like to suggest a sparkling win...

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After being distinguished by several prizes, Borges won the title of "Best Portuguese Producer of the year 2012" by AWC Vienna International Wine ...

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Molecular Gastronomy

Another way to enjoy Fita Azul...

Borges recently invited its clients to a molecular gastronomy demonstration, organised in partnership with the Cooking Lab. The aim of this initiative was to use th...

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New Year’s Eve Gala

Fita Azul celebrates emotions on TV

At a time when we feel the full spectrum of emotions, Fita Azul returns to the small screen to stand alongside the Portuguese as they bring in the New Year...